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December 14, 2023

Winner of ‘ESG startup of the year’

omnevue partners City A.M

In a world awash with greenwashing and confusion, City A.M wanted to use the recent Impact ESG awards to honour authentic changemakers in the industry. The awards was a celebration of the remarkable strides in the environmental, social, and governance (ESG) landscape and  recognised those forging a path to a sustainable future.  

We are thrilled that Omnevue was awarded the ESG startup of 2023.

As winner of ESG Startup of the year, Omnevue was recognised as the ‘startup that is at the vanguard of ESG ideals’ and celebrates the organisation as a ‘fresh face in business that radiates ESG excellence’.

Amongst other factors, the judging panel assessed Omnevue’s tangible impact on both environmental and social fronts, and the entity’s dedication to ethical and transparent governance.

It’s fantastic that Omnevue’s innovative ESG data reporting platform and commitment to reporting financial-grade, auditable ESG & CO2e data (data that everyone can trust!) is being recognised. 

The judging panel included:

Dr. Jane Thomason (Head Judge)

Dr. Jane Thomason, a renowned expert in the emerging Metaverse realm. The Metaverse, predicted by Citi to be worth £13 trillion by 2030, is a cutting-edge space where Dr. Jane’s expertise shines. With numerous scholarly articles and books like “Blockchain for Global Social Change” and “Advancements in the New World of Web 3: A Glimpse into the Decentralised Tomorrow,” she is a true thought leader.

Janine Hirt – CEO Innovate Finance

Janine Hirt leads Innovate Finance, the UK FinTech sector’s industry body. Her commitment to creating a transparent and inclusive financial services sector aligns perfectly with the ESG ethos. Having joined Innovate Finance in 2015, she has been instrumental in driving transformation in the industry.

Sophie Hulm – Progress Together Leader

Sophie Hulm leads Progress Together, an initiative chaired by Alderman Vincent Keaveny, the Lord Mayor. Focused on promoting equity of progression and retention for employees from all socio-economic backgrounds in the financial services sector, Sophie’s work is a testament to her commitment to inclusivity.

Joel Blake OBE – CEO of GFA Exchange

Joel Blake O.B.E specialises in guiding organisations towards inclusive cultures while balancing commercial growth and sustainability. His unique insights are highly sought after by executives aiming to inspire innovation and drive social impact alongside business growth.

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