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Welcome to Omnevue - the new name for ESGgen!

Small and medium businesses

Secure your sustainable competitive advantage with automated ESG reports & insights

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Unlock hidden value in your non-financial data.

Attract new customers
Generate up to 90% revenue growth by prioritising ESG in your business model. Shout about it in your marketing with data to back it up.

Unlock insights and new metrics
Increase operating profit by up to 60% by optimising resource usage (e.g. energy, water, waste, travel).

Access new capital
Access wider pool of world-class investors and financing options by focusing on sustainable business practices

Work with happier, more engaged employees
Attract even better talent and create a happier, more engaged workforce. Increased employee productivity can increase profit before tax by up to 3.5%


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Why Omnevue?

Think of us as the Quickbooks for all things ESG. Our platform transforms your non-financial (ESG) data into real value for your business, your people and our planet.

All to international accounting standards.

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Automated & frictionless

Our secure cloud-based software connects to your existing business data and automates reports in realtime.

Tailored to small & medium businesses

Our intuitive dashboard and ‘add collaborator’ feature is designed to save you precious time and effort.

Verified by accountants

Data that suppliers, investors and customers can trust. Our ESG reporting meets international accounting standards.

Turn new insights into lasting opportunities

Our ESG platform provides KPIs and benchmarks. Cutting costs. Making you more profit.

One stop shop

Everything you need. Without using multiple suppliers, added expense and confusion.

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About our products

The most rigorous and affordable ESG reporting available to small and medium size businesses. And it couldn’t be simpler. Our software connects to your data sources. Then it collects, analyses and reports on it to international accounting standards. So you can make better decisions, save costs and make more profit. Sustainably.

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Today's brands are increasingly more picky only choosing vendors that share their values. Omnevue's reports prove to our clients like TOMS and Wagamama that Screenshot is a trusted partner.

Shira Jeczmien

CEO & Founder, Screenshot Media

Connect your business today. Unlock sustainable growth tomorrow.

Ready to transform your ESG reporting into real value for your business, your people and our planet?

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