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Welcome to Omnevue - the new name for ESGgen!


Get your portfolio ESG-Ready...
...and comply with disclosure regulations

Reliable audit-level ESG reporting. Non-financial data you and your LPs can trust.

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Hero Graphic

A business’s ESG data
connected, analysed and reported
to International Accounting Standards.

A business is so much more than financial data. By viewing a company’s ESG (non- financial) data, investors get a sense of an organisation’s true health and how sustainable it is.

Critical for investment decision making.

Omnevue helps you invest with confidence

Think of us as the Quickbooks for all things ESG. Just as accounting software connects to an company's financial data, our platform connects to a company's non-financial data to give visibility of its environmental, social and governance impact.

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Data you can trust

All the data is collated and organised to International Accounting Standards. Our VueESG plus product assures the data (essentially doing the final check that an accountant would do). So it is data you can fully trust.

KPI tracking and Insights

Meaning that your portfolio can identify new business opportunities to unlock value and mitigate risk.

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The data is collated and organised on Omnevue’s cutting edge platform so that your portfolio companies can focus on growing their business.

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Get your portfolio ESG-Ready today. Unlock sustainable success.

Ready to report ESG in confidence and optimise your portfolio value?

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About our products

The most robust and affordable ESG reporting available to small and medium size businesses. And it couldn’t be simpler. Our software connects to a businesses data sources. Then it collects, analyses and reports on it to International Accounting Standards.

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As an Impact focused investor, Omnevue offers the most robust ESG reporting on the market. As General Partner I require confidence in the data we report to our LPs and external stakeholders, and you can’t get better than Omnevue’s Accounting grade data.

Jonathan Pollock

GP, Elbow Beach Capital

Connect your business today. Unlock sustainable growth tomorrow.

Ready to transform your ESG reporting into real value for your business, your profits, your people and our planet? Let’s go.

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