Your green financing decision engine that improves compliance & raises BTAR.

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SMEs are mission critical to improving
compliance and raising BTAR

How do banks overcome the barriers of scarce and poor quality data?
vueco2e solution is a fully automated, compliance-centric,
CO2e estimation engine that enables banks to optimise for BTAR.

co2e reporting for businesses

An integrated platform for business growth

Merging credit risk and ESG datasets to facilitate SME banking services and pricing

vueco2e process

A range of CO2e reporting solutions that:

Display CO2e data in your Banking Dashboard

Accurate, real-time CO2e estimates - directly in your online banking dashboard and app. Complete with our CO2eQS (Quality Score) and actionable insights.

Transition plans & CO2e certifications

Empower your customers to automatically create realistic transition plans in line with TCFD and TPT, improve their QS and certify their CO2e performance.

Optimise your GAR with green lending

Integrate the Omnevue CO2eQS reporting with your Loan Origination flows to increase Green Lending. Optimise APR by including CO2e data in your decision matrix.

Helping banks respond to the change in reporting landscape

Higher GAR and BTAR lowers the cost of equity for banks

A reduction/increase of 10% in scope 3 from financed emissions decreases/increases banks* cost of equity by approximately 0.16%, or 50 basis points, on an annual basis.

Green Asset Ratio (GAR)


Banking Book Taxonomy Alignment Ratio (BTAR)

Already collaborating with

You can shape the parameters of GHG emissions accounting and reporting

Be part of the movement and join industry associations, policy-makers and standard setters in the co-development of leading-edge data analytics, measurement techniques and reporting frameworks aligned with the transition to net zero.

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The vueCO2e engine

The world's most accurate CO2e Estimation Engine

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Automated real-time CO2e

Estimation and Assurance engine for SMEs

Quality Score (CO2eQS)

Offer your customers a CO2e Premium on their %APR with the first smart emission Quality Score

Optimise Green Asset Ratio (GAR)

Maintain advantage and access trillions in government subsidised funds by optimising your GAR

A white-labeled platform solution

Ensuring that the customer journey is seamless

Access trillions $€£

Government subsidised Green and Transition loans

Compliance & Future Proofing

Comply with Financed Emission (Scope-3) Disclosure Regulations under SFDR

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More and more of our banking customers are demanding practical tools to empower their Net-Zero plans. Omnevue's VueCO2e engine is the best we've seen in the market, not only it accurately estimates CO2e using transaction data, but also produce a unique Quality Score which banks and financial institutions can apply like Credit-Ratings, driving preferential lending terms to greener businesses.

Yaron Shoshani

CTO at ezbob

Lead the green financing revolution

Join Yaron and dozens of other financial institutions by offering your banking customers visibility into their CO2e impact and a clear financial incentive to improve.

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