Grow your practice. Help your clients get ahead of ESG reporting regulations and sustainability accounting standards.

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The New Accounting Normal

Get your share of a £3 billion opportunity by helping your clients respond to the changing reporting landscape. 

“ISSB standards will become accepted as a global baseline for sustainability reporting, for use alongside any financial reporting model such as IFRS or US GAAP” (IFRS)

“SMEs will need to integrate the TCFD framework into their business model by 2025” (FCA)

Your platform for non-financial accounts

Omnevue collects, cleans and analyses all the data you need from your clients (think Quickbooks for ESG). Ready for you to assure and provide new value added services.

Easy online platform that automatically collects your clients’ data.
The data needed already exists in most of their businesses.
Once data is submitted, we do all the heavy lifting for you.
Result? 25 ESG metrics, ready for you to assure (ISAE 3000).

ESG data. Assurance ready. Ideal for Consultancy.

Get ESG data that you can easily assure. Transform new insights into impactful ideas and practical action plans for your clients. Helping them build a more profitable business, for a more sustainable future.

Key benefits of VueESG

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Reveal new insights and KPIs using our online reporting tools. Ensure your clients’ ESG data and reports can be trusted by everyone.


Disclose ESG issues (e.g. gender pay gap) material to your clients’ businesses automatically.


Account for all significant ESG data sources and activities with our scorecard of 25 metrics.


Allow for meaningful comparisons of ESG impacts over time using consistent methodologies.


Use our platform’s powerful auditing and testing tools to assure your clients’ ESG data to ISAE 3000.


Generate accurate ESG reports with the help of our automated solution. The same professional standards of security, confidentiality and accuracy as financial accounting.


Secure your clients’ data with Advanced Encryption Standards (AES-256) in line with industry best practice.

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Join leading accountancy firms

Offer ESG reporting as an additional service today. Add value to your clients and grow your own practice.

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Omnevue’s accounting platform has enabled my practice to provide new assurance and advisory services. Partnering with Omnevue has put us ahead of the game.

Anthony Smith

Managing Partner, Humphrey & Co

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