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What is ESG?

ESG encourages us to recognise and appreciate the often overlooked aspects of corporations. Over the past 50 years, our focus has been predominantly on the monetary value of companies, neglecting their environmental and social impacts. ESG prompts us to take a holistic view of a company, assessing both its financial and non-financial aspects.

E – ‘Environment’ urges us to account for elements like greenhouse gas emissions, water usage, and recycling efforts.

S – ‘Social’ calls for an evaluation of a company’s impacts on its employees and customers.

G – ‘Governance’ advocates for maximum transparency with stakeholders and the broader society.

SMEs are mission critical to
achieving Net Zero

They contribute up to 70% of industrial pollution in Europe & 35% of CO2e emissions in the UK.

That’s why governments in the EU and the UK are including SMEs in new regulations.

You will need to report to your customers, banks and investors

New regulations are now in force.

Big companies must collect data from SMEs in their supply chains. Banks must report on SMEs they are lending to and investors must report on SMEs they are investing in.

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Are you greenwashing, bluewashing or hushwashing?

How ESG is affecting your business

Does ESG impact me?

Our latest research found that 63% of SMEs have received a request

for non-financial data in the past 6 months and it is on the increase.

This creates a pressure on SME resource and time.

Answer these few questions to gauge whether you will soon be asked to

supply ESG data to one of your investors, lenders, customers or suppliers.


How does ESG grow my business?

1. Increase profit

ESG data can help you spot ways to optimise resource usage (e.g. water, energy, waste, travel). It can increase operating profit by up to 60%!

2. Attract new customers

As supply chain requirements change to favour net zero/sustainable companies, your ESG commitment puts you in a position to retain and attract new customers. Generate up to 90% revenue growth!

3. Access new capital

Providing ESG data helps you unlock new opportunities such as green loans, investor capital and subsides from the government.

SMEs already feeling the benefits

How do I get started?

Select an ESG & CO2e data reporting provider

1.Find a partner, such as Omnevue, that generates financial grade data. This ensures the same accuracy, consistency and professionalism of financial reporting to non-financial, ESG & CO2e reporting.

Better data. Better decisions

2. Analyse and benchmark your data so that you can spot opportunities.

3. Set KPIs and action plans internally to improve your CO2e and ESG scores.

4. Make informed decisions across the business. e.g on how to save money.

Enjoy the benefits!

5. Use your ESG & CO2e data to:

Increase profit, attract new customers and access new capital.

Omnevue is a CO2e and ESG reporting engine

Our software engine connects to your financial, HR and other data sources. Then it quickly collects, analyses and reports on it – to international accounting standards.

The end result? Omnevue acts as a painkiller and a vitamin for your business. Which is why we’re recommended by accountants, and loved by small businesses.

A painkiller: it takes 2-4 hours to do your ESG reporting for the year. Killing the pain of lack of time, resources and specialist knowledge.

A vitamin: boosting your business growth with new insights, informed decision making and profit improvement opportunities.

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Top tips from your peers

ESG can feel overwhelming. Start by thinking about what you care about when it comes to ESG and what is material to your business. Measure your impact and make sure you communicate it!

Hafsa Ameen

Head of Strategy at Zeelo

Don't expect ESG to transform your business overnight as it is very much a journey. Information is power though - as soon as you start to gather and analyse your non-financial data you will have a much clearer picture of your organisation and be able to make some savvy business decisions.

Shira Jeczmien

CEO & Founder of Screenshot Media

Top tips for businesses to reduce carbon emissions

CO2e emissions are direct greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions produced by a business’s activities. They impact the environment and an organisation’s ability to reach Net Zero and save money in the process. Here are our top tips to reduce CO2e emissions by scope 1, 2 & 3.

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How you can beat the barriers
to ESG reporting

There are three main barriers to the implementation of ESG reporting. These are the time it takes to collect, refine and disclose a company’s data for disclosure; the added cost that might be incurred; and the complexity of the work itself.

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Information at your fingertips

Handy ESG information for SMEs

Events & Webinars

Deep dive into ESG via our events & webinar series.

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Short reads about ESG and how it is impacting SMEs.

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Packhelp has gone beyond reporting their ESG data and seeks to annually share its progress with all of its stakeholders by issuing a Sustainability Progress Report. This report is a great example of showcasing the organisation’s commitment, transparency and overall ESG journey.

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Reliable ESG data has enabled Zeelo to make informed decisions and prioritise actions. It has also meant that they have been able to publicly commit to an ambitious target to run 100% of their trips using net zero transport solutions in the UK and US by 2030 and regularly issue Impact Reports that showcase their ESG progress.

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The pitfalls of carbon removal and offsetting

While carbon removal and offsetting have been touted as solutions, recent revelations and emerging frameworks suggest they may not be as effective as once thought.

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A member of the IFRS Sustainability Alliance

Omnevue is now a member of the IFRS Sustainability Alliance; a global membership programme for sustainability standards, integrated reporting and integrated thinking.

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