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March 13, 2024

Showcased on the Mastercard stand
at ITB Berlin

We were delighted to see our ESG & CO2e data reporting platform showcased at ITB Berlin, the world’s largest travel trade fair.

Together with our partner Mastercard, we are supporting destinations, and the tourism small businesses they serve, to become more sustainable by leveraging data insights and analytics.

Together, we are helping tourism SMEs to become more resilient.


About ITB Berlin

As the leading trade show for the global travel industry, ITB Berlin is also a driving force for corporate social responsibility. Ecological and social responsibility is a substantial task for the future and a prerequisite for long-term success, not just economic success.

ITB Berlin itself is committed to climate, environmental and animal protection and human rights in tourism: For social justice and equality, against any kind of discrimination, against sexual exploitation of children and women.

In order to make a lasting difference, holistic tourism concepts and a joint commitment are needed. That is why ITB Berlin uses its key position in the market to purposefully promote dialogue between the players in the tourism value chain – tourism companies and subcontractors, research institutions, associations, government and non-profit organisations.



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