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January 29, 2024

Selected for Mastercard Start Path program  

Omnevue has been selected to join the Mastercard Start Path Small Business program. As one of 9 companies selected, Omnevue will participate in the global program to uncover innovation opportunities to grow our business.  This selection is a clear testament to Omnevue’s unwavering commitment to revolutionising banking solutions.

Omnevue specialises in enhancing traditional datasets with financial-grade ESG data, offering banks the opportunity to harness ESG compliance to reduce the cost of equity and explore new avenues for green revenue opportunities.

Mastercard Start Path

Mastercard Start Path is a globally recognised program designed to support and scale the groundbreaking solutions and technologies of fintech startups. Over the next four months, Omnevue will benefit from this comprehensive program, gaining access to invaluable resources, mentorship, and opportunities to access the extensive network of Mastercard partners and customers . This tailored program aims to assist fintech startups in scaling their operations, refining their solutions, and navigating the intricate landscape of the financial industry.

Shaping the future of banking

Aidan Mcnulty, Omnevue’s Chief Revenue Officer, emphasised the significance of the company’s solutions, stating, “Banks and financial institutions are investing substantial efforts in order to meet new regulations and disclosure requirements relating to their ESG Performance. Omnevue’s set of solutions is leveraging mandatory compliance and transforming it into a platform to deliver new and appealing financial products for SMEs and  real-life customer incentives to decarbonise.”

Omnevue looks forward to maximising the mentorship opportunities, leveraging invaluable resources, and tapping into Mastercard’s extensive network of partners and clients – all with the aim to help shape the future of banking and deliver enhanced value to financial institutions and SME customers worldwide.

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