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September 26, 2023

Revolutionising carbon accounting for small and medium businesses



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In a world increasingly focused on sustainability and environmental responsibility, businesses are recognising the urgent need to measure and reduce their carbon emissions. With the launch of vueco2e, small and medium businesses now have access to the world’s most advanced real-time and automated CO2e reporting platform, transforming their banking transaction data into accurate and compliant CO2e estimates.

See your businesses CO2e emissions and get on the road to Net Zero. 

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Simplifying carbon accounting for SMEs

vueco2e empowers small and medium businesses to securely connect their bank accounts and gain immediate insights into their CO2e performance. By seamlessly integrating with financial data, vueco2e provides a comprehensive view of a company’s overall carbon footprint. With this knowledge, companies can take their first steps towards a net-zero transition and make informed decisions to reduce their environmental impact.

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Navigating ESG Regulation and Compliance

SMEs are mission critical to achieving Net Zero. They contribute up to 70% of industrial pollution in Europe & 35% of CO2e emissions in the UK. That’s why governments in the EU and the UK are including SMEs in new regulations.

The current regulations mean that:

  • SMEs will need to report to their customers, banks and investors.
  • Big companies must collect data from SMEs in their supply chains.
  • Banks must report on SMEs they are lending to and investors must report on SMEs they are investing in.

vueco2e offers a comprehensive solution for compliance, automating the carbon accounting process and ensuring accurate and compliant CO2e estimates. By leveraging vueco2e, businesses can simplify the reporting process, streamline compliance efforts, and confidently meet the evolving regulatory landscape.

ESG Investing and Sustainable Finance

ESG investing has gained significant traction as investors increasingly seek companies with robust sustainability practices. By integrating vueco2e into their operations, businesses demonstrate their commitment to sustainable finance and attract environmentally conscious investors. Accurate carbon accounting through vueco2e enhances transparency, enabling businesses to showcase their ESG performance and align with the growing demand for sustainable investment opportunities.

Understanding ESG: Goals, metrics, and meaning

ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) factors have become key considerations for investors and stakeholders. ESG goals involve setting targets for reducing carbon emissions and embracing sustainable practices. vueco2e aligns perfectly with these goals, providing accurate and real-time carbon emission estimates to support businesses on their sustainability journey. By leveraging ESG metrics, companies can benchmark their performance, track progress, and demonstrate their commitment to responsible business practices.

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See your carbon emission data today – zero effort, zero time, zero cost

vueco2e has been built for businesses like yours. It’s an automated CO2e reporting platform that securely calculates your businesses CO2e estimates based on your banking data. 

CO2 emissions calculator

  • Easy & free start towards Net Zero
  • Discover your real-time CO2e estimates within seconds
  • See your CO2e emissions for Scope 1, 2 & 3
  • Reveal insights and spot new opportunities using category & supplier analysis data

See your businesses CO2e emissions and get on the road to Net Zero. 

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