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Financial-grade, auditable ESG
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Easy collation & organisation of your ESG data across 23 metrics

CO2e emissions (Scope 1, 2 & 3)

See data insights and set KPIs

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Everything included in vueesg, plus the following:

Assured data to international accounting standards

Compliant non-financial (ESG) report to share with stakeholders

Rubber stamp your ESG credentials with an audit mark

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Frequently asked questions

Are small and medium businesses required to report their ESG?

Not yet… however, it makes sense that in the meantime small businesses start getting their non-financial data hub in order so that they can begin to reap the many benefits.

As Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) regulation is changing as regulators and governments wise up to its importance, ESG regulations are relevant to all businesses, not solely the large businesses currently mandated to disclose data. The reality is that small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) must too be ready to disclose their non-financial data.

Large companies and financial institutions are requesting ESG data from the SMEs in their value chains and our research shows that 63% of small businesses have received such a request in the last six months.

Small businesses specific ESG regulation is expected in the UK in 2025. So, getting comfortable with ESG, and deciding how your business can find value in non-financial data, makes absolute sense.

There is so much non-financial data in my business. Is there a way to easily pull it into one place?

Yes, our platform is purpose built to do just this! We are firm believers that you should only have to focus on the output of ESG reporting and that getting there should be seamless and very easy.  

We liken our platform to Quickbooks but for all things ESG. Just like your accounting software connects to your financial data, our platform connects to your business’ non-financial data sources to give you reports on your environmental, social and governance scores.

Before you know it, you’re plugged in and ready to go!

Which data sources can the Omnevue platform be connected to?

We are constantly developing the list of data sources the Omnevue platform can connect to ensure they include commonly used providers across open banking, cloud data, logistics and HR. Names include PSD2, hibob, bamboo hr, workday, AWS, Azure, GCS, DHL, UPS, DPD and Fedex.

How long does it take to upload my data?

It’ll take just 2-4 hours to collect all the data we need for the year. Simply register on to the Omnevue platform and follow the guided set-up process.

Can I involve the rest of my team / other colleagues?

The reality is that ESG does not sit with just one person in an organisation. This is why the Omnevue platform has a handy ‘add collaborator’ functionality so that you can involve other functions and team members. Our customers have told us that this feature is extremely beneficial…from completing any data gaps to enabling positive decision making and culture change, it will help enhance your experience.  

How does the platform work?

Our team of tech pioneers have developed a platform that can connect to an organisation’s existing non-financial data sources, collate the key data and organise it against the key sustainability metrics. The platform is then designed in a way to make the data meaningful for an organisation. For example, benchmarking, providing KPI guidance and insights. We recommend that you see it in action by booking a quick demo with one of our ESG experts. 

What does ‘assurance ready data’ mean?

‘Assurance ready data’ is real data that is taken from within an organisation, has a clear audit trail and is supported by evidence. Omnevue collates and organises all of the real data in accordance with International Accounting Standards so that it is ready to be assured by an accountant. This is what our vueesg product provides.

For the data to later move from ‘assurance ready’ to ‘assured’, an accountant will need to certify the correctness and validity of the data, letting investors, lenders and customers know that it is data that they can fully trust. This is what our vueesg plus product provides.

I already use another supplier to give me my estimated co2e emissions. Why should I move to Omnevue?

By using the Omnevue platform and purchasing vueesg you can future proof your business. Omnevue’s platform is essentially a one-stop-shop that will get you ready for the upcoming non-financial data reporting regulations. It is not only the most robust and reliable data provider as it operates in line with International Accounting Standards, but it is the simplest and most straight-forward option – a one supplier approach which will save you a lot of time, hassle and confusion down the line.

Is my data secure?

Yes, all the data we gather and store is secured to the highest standard. Please be assured that your data security is something we take very seriously. You can check out our policy Privacy Policy.

You can read more about Data security here https://www.omnevue.com/data-security/

To ensure I fully understand my ESG data and report, can I go through it with one of Omnevue’s ESG experts?

Absolutely. If you purchase vueesg plus, you will have a dedicated session with one of our ESG specialists to make sure you fully understand and digest all the data and insights.

What does ‘assured data’ mean?

Data becomes ‘assured’ once an accountant has certified the correctness and validity of the data, letting investors, lenders and customers know that it is data that they can fully trust. This is what our vueesg plus product provides.

What do I physically get from the vueesg plus product?

In addition to the data dashboard that outlines all of the data, how a business is scoring against the key ESG metrics, KPI setting and insights, vueesg plus gives an organisation:

  • An assured data report that can be shared with stakeholders to prove they are not greenwashing.
  • An Omnevue audit mark that can be placed on the business website and/or comms as a way to reassure stakeholders that they are complying with ESG data reporting regulations, not greenwashing and working to make positive change.
How long does it take to generate my ESG report?

The report is generated once a year, after year end or once a full year’s worth of data has been connected to the Omnevue platform. If you have vueesg plus, it usually takes a few days for one of the accountants at Omnevue to assure the data and provide a business with their report.

I already use VueESG but would like to upgrade to VueESG Plus. How do I make this happen?

Simply email sales@omnevue.com. We will liaise with you accordingly and adjust your platform profile.

Do I have to upload my data again if I upgrade to VueESG Plus?

No. We have worked hard to make sure that it’s as hassle free and as easy as possible for you.

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