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October 16, 2023

Partnership with the Energy & Environment Alliance (EEA)

In a major stride towards advancing sustainability and ESG integration within the hospitality sector, Omnevue has launched a partnership with The Energy & Environment Alliance (EEA). 

EEA, the global coalition comprising hospitality and lodging investors, developers, operators, and asset managers, is dedicated to guiding hospitality businesses toward achieving net-zero carbon (NZC) status and excelling in environmental, social, and governance (ESG) leadership.

“ESG reporting is poised to become the defining issue of our time. We can clearly see the transformation taking place, but what’s less clear is the detailed regulatory landscape and how it will reshape organisations. This transformation is on a scale unlike anything senior executives have faced in the past 20-30 years,” remarked Ufi Ibrahim of EEA.

“We are thrilled to unite with EEA in our shared mission to accelerate the sustainability agenda in the hospitality industry and help guide organisations through this transformative period,” said Daniel Jeczmien, CEO of Omnevue. “Together, Omnevue’s cutting-edge ESG reporting capabilities and the EEA’s extensive industry knowledge and passion to help its members attain NZC, will help businesses thrive.”

Omnevue aims to be the ‘QuickBooks for ESG’ through its user-friendly and accessible interface. It seamlessly connects to a company’s financial, HR, and other data sources before collecting, analysing, and generating reports aligned with international accounting standards.

“In response to new regulations, banks, corporates, and investors are now obligated to report on the carbon emissions of the SMEs within their value chains. Omnevue provides the solution that bridges the gap in ESG reporting and data quality,” stated Daniel Jeczmien. 

“Our platform delivers accounting-grade data that can be confidently shared with investors, lenders, and customers. We are committed to simplifying ESG reporting for SMEs, making it accessible and cost-effective.”


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