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June 22, 2023

NEW CO2e Carbon Estimator



Companies who know their carbon emissions and plan to reduce them are already getting cheaper loans at better rates than those who don’t.

That’s why we have launched co2e horizontal

It’s our new carbon estimator for small and medium sized businesses. It’s really quick and easy. Businesses just need to visit the omnevue platform, securely connect their open banking data and in 2 – 3 minutes they can vue their carbon emission estimate.

Once a business knows their CO2e carbon estimate, they can start to plan how to reduce them. By using vueCO2e businesses are able to obtain favourable interest rates from their bank, secure loans and keep securing new business.

– Immediately vue CO2e performance and get to grip with your CO2e impact

– Receive a Unique Quality Score (QS). It’s like a credit rating but for CO2e!

– Identify insights & spot opportunities via supplier and category heatmaps

Get 6 months FREE access! Be one of the first 1000 businesses to sign up on on the waiting list.

Connect your business today

Start here

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