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May 7, 2023

ESG Reporting for SMEs

The Omnevue Scorecard™ consists of 24 measures which comprehensively measure a company’s ESG impact. There are 7 environmental, 11 social, and 6 governance measures. The Omnevue Scorecard™ is an open resource.


The first ESG accounting platform & methodology tailored to SMEs

✓ Uses documentation that already exists in your business
✓ Audits ESG impacts on 7 environmental, 11 social, and 6 governance measures
✓ Accounting grade, cloud-based platform secures data & confidentiality
✓ Automates ESG accounting in line with International Auditing Standards (ISAE 3000)

Based on unaudited company self-assessment

This report is based on a company’s calculations of their own ESG impact on whatever measures they select. The original data have not been verified and the results are not audited. The materiality of ESG for the business cannot be assessed on the basis of this data.

Omnevue Scorecard™

We measure ESG impact using a proprietary scorecard of 24 measures developed by Marc Lepere (Founder and Chief Science Officer) as part of his research at King’s College London. There are 7 environmental, 11 social, and 6 governance measures. The data used to compile the scorecard is verified by Chartered Accountants who have also been certified in ESG.

The Omnevue Scorecard™ was developed in four steps:

  1. Fifty measures were selected from the Refinitiv database (of 400+) and mapped to the World Economic Forum Framework (September, 2020).

  2. Each measure was assessed against 6 ESG disclosure properties. Only measures that fulfilled all 6 properties qualified.

  3. The 24 qualifying measures were tailored to SMEs & Startups in workshops and 2 measures were added.

  4. The final selection of 24 measures was cross-checked with EU mandatory disclosure requirements. The data is Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR) and scope 3 ‘compliance ready’. When company-specific or industry-specific data are required, we include additional measures in the scorecard.


See how the frameworks compare


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