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December 11, 2023

Education hub for SMEs

We are committed to enabling SMEs to start their ESG journey. Check out our collection of jargon free films, articles, guides and more.

Topics include:

What is ESG?

Does ESG impact me?

How does ESG grow my business?

How do I get started?

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SMEs are mission critical to reaching Net Zero

SMEs contribute 50% of CO2e emissions globally, 70% of industrial pollution in Europe & 35% of CO2e emissions in the UK. That’s why governments in the EU and the UK are including SMEs in new regulations.

You will need to report to your customers, banks and investors

New regulations are now live and are being enforced. Big companies must collect data from SMEs in their supply chains. Banks must report on SMEs they are lending to and investors must report on SMEs they are investing in.

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Greenwashing is when misleading or unsubstantiated claims about environmental performance are made by businesses or investment funds about their products or activities.

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