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July 17, 2023

Transport Industry – ESG data reporting inspiring leaders to be bold


Zeelo started measuring its ESG data 2 years ago, using the Omnevue online platform to organise, analyse and assure their ESG data.

Learn more about why Hafsa Ameen, Head of Strategy at Zeelo, chose Omnevue and how Zeelo is making the most of its ESG reporting.

About Zeelo

Zeelo is the leader in commuting solutions, helping organisations operate and optimise their transportation programs. As the smart bus platform for organisations, they design, manage and optimise transport programs to help their clients achieve their goals.

Zeelo strongly believes that everyone has the right to ethical, emission free and safe transport. To help back this, Zeelo recently publicly committed to an ambitious target to run 100% of their trips using net zero transport solutions in the UK and US by 2030. 

By embedding ESG (and ESG culture) throughout Zeelo’s business and by working closely with stakeholders, Zeelo is determined to deliver 3 promises to its riders and clients.

  1. Environment – The right to commute emissions-free. They are committed to a zero-emissions fleet in the UK & developed countries by 2030 and in emerging markets by 2035.
  2. Social – The right to an equitable and safe commute. Zeelo aims to provide increased access to employment and protect the safety of their riders.
  3. Governance – The right to commute with an ethical company that operates with honesty and integrity.


The Omnevue platform 

Hafsa decided to use the Omnevue platform to collate, organise, report and assure Zeelo’s ESG data and since then found that ‘having one single source of truth that has been independently assured’ is invaluable. 

Here are some of the other reasons why Hafsa chose Omnevue:

  • Assured data. It is data that everyone can trust as it has been prepared in accordance with International Accounting Standards.


  • Leading organisation. Hafsa found it reassuring to work with an organisation at the forefront of change and that adheres to regulations.


  • Efficiency. Hafsa found that the Omnevue platform is a quick and easy solution for gathering and reporting ESG data in an easy and quick way.


  • Convenient. Always having data and a report to hand so that she could share it with investors and customers was a huge plus for Hafsa.


The Result

  • Informed Decision Making. The Omnevue platform, and reliable data output has enabled the organisation to have an informed discussion internally, make decisions and prioritise actions. Overall Zeelo could see the most material impacts they were having and spot changes they could make to improve them.


  • Working with partners. Zeelo has launched a very exciting program with their operating partners. It aims to demonstrate the benefit of switching from diesel coaches and buses to electric thereby reducing their scope 3 emissions even further.


  • Showcasing their progress. Zeelo has launched an Impact Report so that the organisation can be more transparent internally and externally about their goals and progress.


Already Zeelo is making fantastic progress and has tangible statistics to help illustrate their impact.  Headline stats from Zeelo’s 2022 Impact Report include:

Make the switch to net zero by 2030

2606.59t carbon emissions offset by Zeelo rides in 2022

2,069,424 cars taken off the road by Zeelo in 2022

400% growth in EV trips in 2022

Safe & equitable transport

86% of riders who believed that Zeelo is positively impacting their mental health in 2022

26,007 number of employment opportunities created as a result of Zeelo services in 2022

See here the Zeelo 2022 Sustainability Impact Report

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