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June 22, 2023

Media Industry: ESG data reporting shining a light on all the positives


SCREENSHOT Media embarked on its ESG journey 2 years ago, using the Omnevue online platform to organise, analyse and assure their ESG data.

Find out why Shira Jeczmien, CEO & Founder at SCREENSHOT Media, chose Omnevue and how her business is making the most of their ESG reporting.


SCREENSHOT Media is a next generation media company with a mission to allow 18 to 25 year olds easy access to content that matters across news and entertainment. They are an award winning team of specialists that know Gen Z inside out – they understand what content this audience are after and how to reach them, resulting in the creation of cross platform content that reaches an accumulated 450 million 18 to 25 year olds every month across their channels, including Snapchat, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and their hero website. 

In 2022, SCREENSHOT Media also launched its agency arm where it works directly with blue chip brands who want to reach Gen Zers in an impactful and authentic way. They have worked with the likes of Canterbury (a Pentland brand), TOMS, Calvin Klein, Wagamama, Santander and Converse.

The Opportunity

As a next generation media company it was essential that they ‘act on what they preach’ and really get to grips with their non-financial data (ESG). Like many founders and company directors of small businesses, Shira admits that the idea of reporting and analysing all of their ESG data felt a bit daunting but she was determined to embrace the process – spotting the opportunity to align SCREENSHOT Media’s values with their clients, most of whom are ‘big companies’ who have been adhering to their own ESG/sustainability strategy for some time.

SCREENSHOT Media also wanted to use ESG reporting to become a stand-out employer; enhancing employee satisfaction and attracting new talent. 

The Omnevue platform 

There are a number of reasons why Shira has chosen to use the Omnevue platform for the past few years to collate, organise, report and assure SCREENSHOT Media’s ESG data.

  • Ease & Convenience
  • Purpose built for small & medium businesses
  • Omnevue’s team of experts
  • Data everyone can trust. It’s in accordance with International Accounting Standards.
  • Benchmarking & KPI setting
  • Easy to understand reports and data sets 

SCREENSHOT Media’s ESG discoveries

  1. In terms of employee benefit (healthcare, leave & pension), Omnevue’s reporting and benchmarking informed Shira that SCREENSHOT Media is one of the top 25% of Media Companies in London.
  2. Omnevue’s report made Shira realise that they should call out to employees and new talent how generous their leave policy is. As employees currently get Friday afternoons off, the Omnevue report emphasised that this time amounts to 28 additional holiday days a year. This is on top of the 25 they advertise! They now emphasise the fact that employees are awarded a staggering 53 days annual leave plus bank holidays.
  3. Despite SCREENSHOT Media having a training budget in place and encouraging their team to develop themselves via an upskilling course per quarter their score for employee training was lower than they had hoped. This has prompted them to put benchmarks in place for the managers and for the employees to make sure that they’re using their training. With an army of video editors and content creators, Shira realises the importance of developing her team.

The Result

SCREENSHOT Media continues to use the omnevue platform to monitor its ESG data, set new KPI’s and improve its sustainability.

SCREENSHOT Media’s proactive ESG reporting approach and commitment to positive change is no doubt having a positive impact on the company, contributing to the fact that SCREENSHOT Media is thriving in the media industry, winning awards, securing new business and attracting new talent. 

New Business

Securing new contracts with positive brands like TOMs and Wagamama

Industry Recognition & Success

2022 The Drum Awards Online Media: Winner of Commercial Campaign of the Year, Finalist of Editorial Team of the Year, Finalist Brand of the Year, Finalist Commercial Campaign of the Year, Finalist Social Media Team of the Year

2023 The Drum Awards Online Media: Nominated for 5 awards! Video Team of The Year, Editorial Team of The Year, Outstanding Digital Team of The Year, Commercial Campaign of The Year, Editorial Executive of The Year

2023 Rising to the top – Media. Finalist – Shira Jeczmien

Happy team

In terms of employee benefit package, SCREENSHOT Media is one of the top 25% of Media Companies in London.

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