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June 26, 2023

Manufacturing Industry: How embracing ESG can create a sustainable future


Packhelp started measuring its ESG data 2 years ago, using the Omnevue online platform to organise, analyse and assure their ESG data.

Learn more about why Zuzanna Mazurek, VP of Sustainability at Packhelp, chose omnevue and how Packhelp is making the most of its ESG reporting.

About Packhelp

Founded in 2015, Packhelp is the packaging platform for smarter global commerce, helping companies meet ambitious packaging goals with custom and stock packaging.  

Packhelp provides innovative packaging solutions for e-commerce brands, retailers, agencies and enterprises and their customer portfolio includes more than 50.000 customers from over 30 markets.

The range of services available within Packhelp includes packaging production, packaging engineering, packaging prototyping & visualising and optimising entire packaging supply chains

The Opportunity

As a packaging producer, Packhelp realises how important sustainability is in their industry and have dedicated themselves to being as sustainable as possible. Plastic packaging is detrimental to the environment. Therefore, Packhelp strives to develop sustainable packaging solutions, offering eco-friendly products and alternatives to any plastic packaging.

To be able to achieve this ambition, Packhelp decided to focus their work around three main pillars of responsibility (‘The 3Ps’ People, Planet & Purpose) and report their progress against them accordingly. 

This represents a huge opportunity for Packhelp, as sustainability is at the core of their business and plays an important part of every decision they make across the value chain. 

1) People – Packhelp is creating an inclusive workplace that encourages personal and professional growth for all the dedicated and passionate people at Packhelp. 

2) Planet – Packhelp is implementing circular and low-carbon products and services, reducing landfill waste, and investing in responsible forestry. 

3) Purpose – Packhelp is increasing the revenue from sustainable products and services, and ensuring responsible actions throughout the entire supply chain.

The Omnevue platform 

There are a number of reasons why Zuzanna chose to use the Omnevue platform for the past few years to collate, organise, report and assure Packhelp’s ESG data.

  • Ease and speed 
  • Ability to connect the Omnevue platform with other software that Packhelp uses. This meant that data could be easily pulled into one place.
  • Omnevue’s team of experts
  • Data everyone can trust. It’s in accordance with International Accounting Standards.

Packhelp’s ESG discoveries

Overall the Omnevue platform has helped Packhelp strengthen their ability to meet different customers needs and enhance their product roadmap but it has also had a critical role in supplier relationship building and on the businesses in terms of ‘Social’ and ‘Governance’.

A few of Packhelps 2022 Highlights are:

  1. Calculating the carbon footprint of the products they sell to their customers. They calculated the carbon and water footprint of their best selling products so that it is easy for their customers to see the environmental impact. They based the metrics on such specifics as the location of the plant, the energy required to produce and the route each product takes from their warehouses. They then simplified the data so that it is easily understandable for everyone – regardless of their packaging industry or technical knowledge. 
  2. Supplier sustainability vetting – Packhelp’s sustainability relies not only on their actions but those of their partners too. In 2022 they assessed 45 out of 57 suppliers (representing 96% of the relevant sourcing spend) and shared feedback with them that illustrated how they perform compared to their other suppliers, they provided a tailor made action plan to help them optimise their operational sustainability. 

Managing Stakeholders

Packhelp has gone beyond reporting their ESG data and seeks to annually share its progress with all of its stakeholders  The Packhelp Sustainability Progress Report is a great example of showcasing the organisation’s commitment, transparency and overall ESG journey. It also really demonstrates the business’ determination and passion for sustainability.

Packhelp commitment to sustainability

Here are some headline stats from Packhelp’s 2022 Progress Report:


  • 100% of employees received regular performance reviews
  • 26.14 hours of training per employee
  • 54% of female employees in the company

Packhelp people


  • 59% of products sold contain at least 60% recycled content
  • 97.8% of Packhelps 2022 emissions are in Scope 3
  • 90% products sold are either recyclable or compostable
  • Obtaining a Blaue Angel certificate (One of the most reliable ecolabels issued by the German Federal Government)

Packhelp label


  • 0 interventions from either regulatory or tax authorities
  • 4.3 / 5 Trustpilot rating

See the Packhelp 2022 Sustainability Progress Report

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